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Richard, 29Apr17

Love your fooooood

Jalila, 16Apr17


Richard, 13Apr17

couldnt use 15% off code ref 150ff which is very disappointing after receiving your text.

Nkwa, 26Mar17


Richard Farnos, 10Mar17

The food is amazing but the service is ridiculously slow they should update the quoted delivery time it always says 40mins but it's more like 1hr 40mins, we've ordered 5 times at least and it's the same every time.

Debbie, 04Mar17


Richard, 03Mar17

Great experience, delivery driver was nice. Threw in a vegetable curry on the house!

Olly, 01Mar17

Great food, not just good, GREAT! The chef is a cut above the rest and I only know of a couple of curry houses this good in London. Thanks Chef!

Luke, 27Feb17


Richard , 25Feb17

Very good food!Any plans to add Tawa Lamb to the [email protected]

Mark, 17Feb17

Good service speedy delivery The food was good I had better and Chipper but it was ok

Maria , 17Feb17


R, 16Feb17

I love this indian it always satisfies me the best tikka masalla so sweet i will always tell a friend about monkeys when they ask for a suggestion its just such a lovely take away i will never choose another indian to eat from 100% recomended

Jae, 11Feb17


Richard Farnos, 10Feb17

Another nice curry loved it very enjoyable meal !

Kevin , 09Feb17

Good food great service

Josh, 07Feb17

That was 1 of the nicest curries I've had full compliments to the chef & I appreciate you giving us a discount you been more than fair and I really appreciate it thanks allot

Kevin, 04Feb17


Richard Farnos, 03Feb17


Richard Farnos, 03Feb17


Richard Farnos, 29Jan17

Ordered from here before and the food was excellent!!

Alan Wallis, 21Jan17


Trish, 20Jan17


Richard, 20Jan17

Food is amazing

Muhammad Waqar, 19Jan17


Richard , 13Jan17